Our Ministries


Because of the unique location of the parish, the youth of the community is our main focus. This ministry caters for teenagers and young adults of the church aimed at those aged 13-23.


The Children ministry caters for all the children right from infancy to age 12.


This is the nerve center for all our activities. As commanded by the Lord Jesus, our focus is on soul winning and ensuring that the souls abide. This is the melting pot. The power of the Holy Ghost makes all the difference in every effort to win soul.


We pay particular attention to the comfort of our congregation especially our visitors and new members. We ensure their comfort and satisfaction. Provisions are specially made for physical needs in an atmosphere of love and fellowship. Making everybody feel welcomed and relaxed is a serious task for us.


We Pray until Miracle Happens. For us prayer is a serious business. We do not make this a task for a selected few but indeed welcome every one to pray. We Pray Until Something Happens.


Attending to our members needs during service is key. Welcoming them to church nicely is a way of life. God is a God of order and so maintaining order in His House is a priority for us.


Stephen, Philip and five others were selected for this ministry in the early church (Acts 6:1-7). The physical need of our members is crucial to us. We desire that no member of our church will be homeless. There will be no member who cannot afford at least one meal a day and there will be no member who desires to come to church but stopped for lack of money. At least these three goals must be achieved day by day as we add more to the church of God.